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Supa carpets was founded in 2000,is the leading professionalmanufacturer of carpet in China,the company integrates development,production and sales,and provides the most competitive products forcustomers.

Supa mainly produces various types of carpets,suitable for officebuildings,airports,schools,hotels and other public places.

From concept to production,Supa always adheres to the philosophythat only concentration can achieve professional,only single-focus canachieve concentration,seriously treats every step,in order to meet thecustomized needs of all kinds of carpet.

With aggressive enterprise management,active and progressivesales team,high-quality and harmonious working environment,wecontinuously improve and improve to provide customers with relevantproducts and services.

Corporate Culture

Brand implication:

"world"means that this technology can be inherited fromgeneration to generation,and "hegemony"ancient meaningrefers to the great cause of the country.Here,we borrow themeaning to hope to flourish and live forever.

Corporate values:

1)Condense team strength and provide better service


Supa carpet gives life vitality from details.




The establishment of Shiba brand

Founded in 2001,the companyhas 20000 square meters of plantarea.The asphalt line was putinto operation in the same year.


PVC production line

PVC production line put intoproduction in 2003


The first computer jacquard machine

The first computer jacquardmachine was put into use in2008.


New 8 4 full width circular jacquard machine

New 8 4 full width circularjacquard machine put intoproduction in 2016.


Further intelligent expansion

In 2017,asphalt and PVC wereimproved and upgraded,and automaticfeeding system was fully used.In thesame year,cobble high-speed jacquardmachine,colorpoint jacquard machineand 66 full width cycle jacquardmachine were introduced.


Establishment of branch

In 2020,the new company wasestablished.In the same year,purchasedmodra proofing machine.


Full width circular jacquard machine

In 2021,the company will put in newhigh-speed gum line,PVC coveredbottom line and several full circlejacquard machines.