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Choose the right carpet to create a personalized art space
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1, the office carpet decoration effect: office carpet has a wealth of patterns and colors, according to personal preferences, choose the right carpet to create a personalized art space. 2, office carpet sound absorption, noise reduction: office carpet is an effective sound absorption, noise reduction of acoustic materials, can reduce the sound through the ground reflection to create a quiet office environment. 3, the office carpet insulation, thermal conductivity: office carpet when the hard floor materials have a certain warmth and good thermal conductivity, can make the room more warm. 4, the office carpet security, non-slip: walking in the office carpet is not easy to slide, even if the slide to the carpet soft material will have a very good protection. 5, the office carpet damping, comfort: step on the soft and flexible carpet, will feel wholeheartedly relaxed, comfortable, reduce fatigue, will not appear hard ground and soles frequently hit and felt the shock. 6, the office carpet dust, environmental protection: because the carpet blanket surface is dense pile structure, so the dust falling from the air by the carpet pile adsorption, to prevent the dust flying, relatively reduce the dust in the air , And there is a balance between the city temperature and keep the indoor air clean.
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