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Scientific research and awareness on asthma allergy symptoms
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The relationship between asthma allergy symptoms and carpets The Swedish government bans public buildings to convert the carpet to a smooth surface of the ground material: why? Because according to the study, the carpet into the floor after. But the increase in allergic reactions, so the local government to prohibit the public building to the carpet into a smooth surface of the ground material It is generally believed that the carpet will increase the symptoms of asthma and allergies, in fact, the opposite is true. After careful study, the results are clear that the carpet can contain asthma and allergies as long as it is properly cleaned and maintained. It is the best ground material for people suffering from asthma and allergy symptoms Science and truth There is no scientific proof that the carpet will increase the chance of allergies and asthma. Many studies have just reversed. Swedish research institutions spent 15 years studying the relationship between the use of carpets and the incidence of allergies or asthma. In the Swedish national carpet use reduced by 70% at the same time, guilty of allergic reactions in the total population but increased by 30%. In addition, in 18 countries, nearly 20,000 people in the study found that in the bedroom carpet really can reduce asthma symptoms and bronchial disease. A study of more than 4600 children in New Jersey in New Jersey in 2003 found that bedroom carpets can reduce children's absence of days and asthma medication. Carpet is like a filter, in the indoor air circulation process to seize allergens, and then these allergens by vacuum cleaner cleared out. Net live allergens The foreign body that falls on the carpet will be adsorbed on the carpet and then sucked away by the vacuum cleaner. Unlike other smooth surface of the floor or floor tiles, so that dust and other allergens to fly back to the air, proper maintenance of the carpet can really improve the air quality to enhance the indoor health environment. According to the Swedish government study because of the reduction in carpet use. But the increase in allergic reactions, so the local government banned the public building to the carpet into a smooth surface of the ground material The study shows that the amount of ground material and the amount of dust in the air is really relevant. Walking on the hard floor surface, will set off more dust into the air and then inhaled the body. In contrast, the carpet suede can catch most of the dust, so that when walking to reduce dust lift, reduce the rate of inhalation.
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