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Take a look at what the office fireproof carpet has
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The use of carpets on the floor of the office can make the space more quiet, the carpet will absorb the footsteps and the noise emitted by the furniture and the ground collision, so some offices prefer to use the carpet. Office carpet from the function must be stable, durable, wear-resistant, not breeding bacteria, anti-fouling, anti-stress, flame retardant and other characteristics. We all know that the use of fireproof materials is now more and more, especially for high-rise buildings, fire safety is very important, so the need for flame-retardant carpet. Flame-retardant carpet is the name of the carpet is a fire function. How can the carpet to achieve flame retardant function? Box carpet product structure: blanket is divided into ① nylon ② polypropylene ③ polyester, the bottom is divided into ① PVC ② asphalt ③ soft bottom Office area laying carpet, choose the best fabric or the number of nylon. Square carpet is the most used or PVC at the end of the back, because of its wear resistance. Nylon PVC carpet blanket is the fire level B1 level, the polypropylene block blanket fire rating B2, polyester PVC carpet blanket B1 level, but the polyester wear resistance is not good nylon. Nylon performance with unparalleled anti-fouling properties and lasting appearance retention, in the lodging resistance, stain resistance, heat resistance performance is particularly good. Square carpet is in accordance with the carpet laying method and shape specifications to divide a kind of carpet, also known as the block carpet. It is characterized by popular color, pattern splicing integrity and smooth, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling treatment, with fire-retardant, wear-resistant, anti-static and other excellent quality and excellent dimensional stability, insulation, sound effects in the cold weather No deformation, no crack. From the warm children's playroom to the corporate environment filled with the professional atmosphere, from the home to the hotel's public space, can be widely paved carpet. Free creative pattern, making the carpet after the pavement, breaking the lines and box restrictions, showing a rich carpet full of tolerance.
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